Iconostase 180 // Park // Tilburg

In August, right before my beloved Incubate festival, I recorded an improv session with some dudes in Tilburg. Specifically in and around and upon Yona Friedman’s architectural design, Iconostase 180, that was being displayed in Park in Tilburg.

It was an honor to play with these gentlemen by such a beautiful structure and I am inspired again to get back to work. The recordings are being edited by the organizer and I’m excited to hear the final result. Learning about Yona Friedman and his theory of mobile architecture and how prolific he is was also a plus!


Improv session in action.


The iconostase 180 in its isolated glory @ Park in Tilburg.

An example of Friedman’s theory of mobile architecture.



The impressive atelier of Yona Friedman, the utopian architect. (source: quer magazine)



Source: Kamel Mennour


INCUBATE: festival for cutting-edge culture

Yona Friedman

Quer magazine: “It’s always interesting to read about yourself!” (german)

Kamel Mennour: Yona Friedman’s apartment/atelier (french)