H.A.I.R. //as a vehicle for internal revival\\

On June 11, I turned 30 and .. got super excited about it. If I were to believe the testimonies of my older friends, the 30s are where it’s at. The turmoil of accepting who you are as a person and your place in the world all finally starts to settle. I’ve always led a rollercoaster life and was (am) uncertain about what path to choose so the sentiment appealed to me.

birthday banner

The banner I made for my birthday invitation. Here you can see my pre-30 long mermaid locks in all of its glory.

To celebrate this life milestone, I decided to bleach my locks. Something that I’ve always been curious about but have resisted because .. I’ve dyed my hair light pink before so I knew what I would have to endure. But then one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Sable from xoVain, chronicled her own bleached locks journey and I was hooked.

sable is hot 2

Going Platinum Blonde Hurts Like Hell

I’ve never had the best experience with hairdressers. They always seem to despise my hair, make condescending comments about its fullness and its coarseness before proceeding to thin it out towards an inch of its life. I am lucky enough to know one lovely lady who comes over to my apartment and always expresses enthusiasm over my locks while actually listening to my wishes and leaving me a happy customer. She was excited about my hair ventures and was willing to bleach my hair until she discovered that she was unable to purchase olaplex as a freelancer. //You can read more about olapex here. And yes, it’s really as good as it seems.\\

So she made an appointment for me at a well-known hairdresser in the Hague – a chain that’s lauded for it’s cutting-edge styles. What a disaster. After the typical condescending comments about the thickness of my hair, the two women tag-teamed my hair with the bleach –> starting at my roots. Rookie mistake – one would expect better from them. MY HAIR STARTED SMOKING when one of them decided to tie the plastic sheet meant to protect my clothing shut around the ends of my hair. So the bleach got washed out before it was able to do its job and I was asked if I was on my period, if I was sure I didn’t have any remains of hair dye in, etc. etc. Then I was advised to go to my general practitioner about my abnormally high body temperature because that was probably the culprit. -_-


They were unwilling to re-apply the bleach. Understandable. They then proceeded to discuss amongst themselves which shade of brown they could dye my hair with without even consulting me. Hairdressers intimidate me and I kind of allowed this whole treatment to happen but I intervened at this point. I did not just almost burn my hair off only to have it be a couple of shades lighter than when I came in. So I insisted on purple. And this is what I got.


It was actually really difficult to take a picture of my hair without it appearing red!

IMG_5575My 30th: my locks and gobbling up this delicious cake!

Summer 2016 I rocked the sea witch look. But then the purple started to fade and since the bleach job was so terrible to begin with, the purple also started to spot. 2 months later, I decided to try again. Since my last venture, I had come into contact with another person willing to help me – who suggested that the macadamia oil from my favorite Aussie conditioner was probably, ACTUALLY, the smoking culprit. Although I had staggered the bleaching treatments, it still hurt like hell and I still ended up with chemical burns on my scalp –> but look at how pretty I am!


The day I was bleached. Hair was only sort-of blow dried since it was so fragile.


During my olaplex-followed-by-a-hair-mask treatment right after the bleach job. I had expected a quiet night in but then I got FOMO and went out anyway.


I AM IN LOOOOVVE WITH BEING BLONDE! The ends ended up being a pale pink due to the previous purple dye but I really like how it turned out.